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The First & Last Days of Unwelcome


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Originally released 11/12/2013 on Southern Lord Records (LORD186):
• 1st pressing: 1500 on black vinyl.
• 2nd pressing: 777 on orange/white swirl vinyl.

Re-released on Argonauta Records (ARGXXX):
• 1st pressing: 300 hand-numbered ox blood vinyl.
• 1st run: 300 CDs.

Re-released on Anima Recordings (ANIMA-017).
• 1st run: 50 high-quality orange cassettes.

Music video for "Day Six" by Chariot of Black Moth:


released January 11, 2019

All music composed & performed by: Aaron D.C. Edge. / All lyrics written by: Aaron D.C. Edge. / Vocals performed by: Mike Scheidt, Tad Doyle & Aaron Edge. / Drums recorded at: Rainstorm Studio in Seattle, WA by Katy Kavanaugh. / Guitars & bass recorded at: Myelin Studio in Portland, OR by Aaron Edge. / Vocals recorded & mixed at: Witch Ape Studio in Seattle, WA by Tad Doyle. / Mastered at: Audiosiege Engineering Studio in Portland, OR by Brad Boatright. / Logo, photographs & design by: Aaron D.C. Edge.

Aaron wishes to thank:
Mike & tad (for being part of this, for their friendship, kindness & advise over the many years I have been blessed to know them), Greg Anderson (for his interest & enthusiasm to push the original version of this release), Brad Boatright (whose craft it is to bring an honest truth—as well as thunder—to records like this one), Ben Verellen (for the best tube amplifiers on the planet, used exclusively on this release),
Daniel P. Carter (for his incredibly accurate & impressive original illustrations for the first & second pressings), JJ Koczan (for always taking an interest in my projects), Gero (for his stoke in keeping the Lumbar endeavor alive), my sonic brother Dave (for his patience, support & interest in releasing the cassette version of this monster).

For those who live life with multiple sclerosis: may you find peace in this life, hard as it may be.

This recording dedicated to: Rachel Joy Lynch (for her care & support during the first few years of my MS diagnosis).

This collection of seven tracks originally released: November 12th of 2013, on Southern Lord Records as LORD186.


Quick reviews from the older Southern Lord Lumbar BandCamp page:

“Great album, heavy, dark, and unforgiving.” — filthyhabits 

“Overwhelming and all consuming.” — Pollen Prophet

“You can feel the burden of the sickness when listening to this album. You can feel It rising above you in all of its might and you begin to feel tiny and powerless. It's a horrifying record of gargantuan proportions. Just breathtaking.” — Regnārs Breikšs

“If oppressive could be used as a positive adjective, it would apply here. This is oppressive cacophony at its finest.” — Colin M.

“Day Four has a short breakdown that rips me open every time. I can't stop listening to it. The entire album supports it.” — SW Hannan

“You can feel the pain of the artists come through in every part of this release. It is very real. Something you can play over and over again and not get bored of.” — Josh Gregory

“This album is interesting to me. It's not complicated. Just messy and fuzzy as shit. I really fucking like it. I can just put it on, blast the shit out of it, and veg out.” — scot moriarty

“Uber-heavy album. Such intensity, remembers me bands like Warning or 40 Watt Sun. Recommended.” — Isacco Bentivoglio

“Ruthless sludge with ambient and progressive elements, and great vocals and lyrics - one of the best albums I have had the pleasure of hearing in some time!” — Dominic Luke

“Sludge for nightmares, or from nightmares. Aaron Edge really pulled something great together here, and adding Mike Scheidt and Tad Doyle's vocals gives it personality disorder feel.” — Richard Owens

“I can personally relate to Aaron's struggle and I feel his pain through the music.” — Ken

“To listen to this is to be dragged through the bowels of a burning electrical storm. The amps sound terminally ill, and the cloacal roar of Mike Scheidt sounds like a natural disaster given voice.” — Tom Colquhoun

“WOW. 5 stars.” — Rob Mason

“Definitely one of my favorite random BandCamp finds. A great mix of vocal styles and heavy sludge. The story the album tells is just as crushing as the music.” — Silas

“Aaron, Mike and Tad...nuff said.” — Jay Lane

“Aaron Edge, Mike Scheidt and Tad Doyle doing a record together? How could you possibly go wrong with that ? While other bands use it as some sorta shtick to base their lyrics around pain and suffering, this one is as real as it get's, describing Aaron's day to day battle with MS.” — Desertpunk78

“Received my vinyl of this intense and no frills Doom record today. I haven't enjoyed music like that so much in a long time. Highly recommended to fans of YOB and the likes.” — Simon Sludge

“Builds into a monster riff, then Mike Scheidt throws down other worldly vocals.” — Hand of Doom

“I love Mike Scheidt and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth! What better combo?!” — Will Johnston

“Thanks to everyone involved. Seriously.” — Heddbuzz


all rights reserved




Mike Scheidt (Yob, Middian, VHÖL),

Tad Doyle (TAD, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth),

Aaron Edge (Ramprasad, Bible Black Tyrant, iamthethorn)

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